HolyCoast: Day 4 of the Hawaiian Adventure
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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Day 4 of the Hawaiian Adventure

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Today we did a little touristy sight seeing in nearby Wailua. There is a company that runs boat tours about 2 miles up the Wailua River to the Fern Grotto where they sing the Hawaiian wedding song to the assembled tourists. We got lucky arriving just as a hugely loaded boat was leaving. We missed that one, and when our boat left 30 minutes later, we only had about 18 people on board, so the whole trip was pretty comfortable. Here's the fern grotto:

And the author and Mrs. with the fern grotto behind:

During the boat ride back, they provide a little hula and Hawaiian music entertainment:

After the boat ride we toured the Tropical Paradise Botanical Gardens. If you walk in with a bag of bird seed in your hands, you suddenly become very popular. Fortunately, we got there just in time for the 12:45 peacock show.

The Tropical Paradise has all kinds of plants from various Pacific Islands, and very beautiful grounds. They also do a luau and international show there.

In the afternoon, the Mrs. finally got her time at the beach, since this was the first day since we got here that it didn't rain. It may also be the last day, as a pretty big storm is headed our way. Tomorrow we're scheduled for a 3 hour ATV tour which goes rain or shine, and it looks like it will be incredibly wet. Oh well.

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