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Why I Blog

First, a quick welcome from your host:

I started this blog in September, 2004 at the height of the Rathergate scandal. Seeing the rapid explosion of the blogosphere, I didn't want to miss out on a chance to get involved. My thanks go to Hugh Hewitt for inspiring this, and untold hundreds of other blogs.

I've been interested in politics for most of my life.  The day of the 1964 election I took a poll of adults as I walked home from the 3rd grade class.  Based on that poll Goldwater should have won in a landslide.  I've been wary of polls ever since.

After the debacle of the Nixon/Carter years I found a candidate I really liked in Ronald Reagan, but really began to pay attention during the 1988 campaign. In 1991 I was driving to Beverly Hills with a Democrat colleague of mine when he suggested that we listen to some "crackpot" radio. I had never listened to talk radio before, and as we traveled down the freeway listening to Rush Limbaugh, a strange realization came over me. Rush was repeating everything I believed. If this was "crackpot" radio, I apparently was a "crackpot".

I've been a dittohead ever since and have written an op-ed or two, but blogging has given me the opportunity to regularly comment on the news of the day - at least the news that I find interesting (and hopefully you do too). I think my wife will agree that it's better for me to write on this site rather than scream and throw things at the TV. I call it cheap therapy.

Where did the name come from? About 20 years ago I had a pastor who always referred to Southern California as the "Holy Coast", a little play on words for all you evangelicals out there. For about a year I wrote a column for a gospel music newspaper which I called "News From the Holy Coast", at least until some of the more prickly among the East coast evangelicals complained to the paper and made them change the name to something less objectionable to the terminally offended. When I decided to start this blog, using the name "Holy Coast" just seemed natural.

Thanks for stopping by this site. I hope you'll return often...and tell a friend!