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Comment/Trackback Policy

All comments on HolyCoast.com are subject to review, editing or removal. All commenters are also subject to removal (and I'm not shy about banning jerks). Why? Because there is no First Amendment on this site and nobody has a right to post anything except your host. However, I am a benevolent despot who will allow your comment to post if it passes the taste test and adds to the discussion. I also reserve the right to edit any comments that are posted to eliminate language that's inappropriate to this site.

If your comment is mentally deformed, physically or conceptually challenged, or just plain inconvenient, then in an operation sure to be approved of by liberals everywhere, your comment will be aborted.

Trolls who have nothing better to do than to post gratutitous insults of other readers or your host will be banned. Go start your own blog. If you're only purpose is to be contrarian, I will follow Don Surber's advice on how he dealt with a problem child:
By the way, I kicked Matt to the curb last night. Not because of reader complaints (although I do read and consider them) but because he became too annoying. I’d post and he’d immediately comment something to the contrary. This is a blog not a forum. It is a continuing diary of my opinions on the world as I see it.

My posts can be contradictory, hypocritical, and even illogical. But they are what they are. I enjoy the feedback but he overdid the contrarian thing.
If you wish to leave a link to another site, leave your name and email address too or the link will be deleted.

Trackbacks should reference this site with both the name, HolyCoast, and a link. If not, they'll be deleted.

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