HolyCoast: McClellan or Grant?

Friday, February 25, 2005

McClellan or Grant?

Welcome Hugh Hewitt readers! More interesting stuff here.

Hugh Hewitt asks:
Does the Senate GOP Go McClellan or Grant if Harry Reid "Goes Gingrich?"

Harry Reid is threatening to shut down the government if the GOP uses the nuclear option and clears the way for majority votes on judicial nominations. I believe the words he used were "rue the day" to describe how the GOP would feel after Dingy Harry carried out his threat.

Frankly, shutting down the government doesn't pose much of a concern for me. The less government the better.

However, if we're going to have a fight, let's have a fight! Being a bit of a student of the Civil War, I know that McClellan, though serving as the head of the Union Army on two different occasions, was completely ineffectual as a leader. He didn't seem to want to take on the enemy, and when engaged, didn't finish the job. In 1864 the Democrats and other peaceniks of the day nominated him to run against Lincoln with the hope that Mac would stop the fighting and end the war (where have we heard that before).
I'm definately a fan of Grant. He had his own personal demons, but he took the fight to the enemy and didn't stop until he had won. It's time the Republicans in Congress quit worrying about the press, about Dem reaction, and bad feelings in Congress and drop the bomb. Let's return the judicial confirmation process back to the majority vote the Founders intended.

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