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Monday, August 06, 2012

Rick's Twitter Feed

With the retirement of HolyCoast.com, you can still follow Rick's commentary at this Twitter feed or on Facebook:

HolyCoast.com Has Been Retired

After a little more than a month on hiatus, I've decided to make the retirement of HolyCoast.com permanent.  I've found that I can reach more people much more quickly through Twitter or Facebook, and I'm concentrating my efforts there.

If you still wish to find archived posts from my nearly eight years of blogging they'll still be available here.  The HolyCoast.com URL will no longer function after September 14, but holycoast.blogspot.com will continue.

See you on Twitter or Facebook!

Friday, June 29, 2012

A Little More Explanation About the Hiatus

As I announced yesterday HolyCoast.com is going on hiatus for the summer...and maybe beyond. I had already been considering ending daily blogging after the election, so this isn't a hasty decision. Without question, the Supreme Court decisions this week finally pushed me over the edge. Here's a little more about why I'm doing this:
  • Although the ages of blogs is not over, it's certainly not what it was a few years ago.  When I started there was no Twitter or Facebook, and now many people look to those sources for their information.  I've almost stopped reading blogs altogether and spend far more time on those two social networks.  My friend and follower list on Facebook and Twitter dwarf the daily readership of the blog.  When Don Surber suddenly quit his very successful blog a few weeks ago it was kind of a wake-up call.
  • With my smartphone I can now post to Twitter or Facebook pretty easily and reach many more people.
  • My own blog traffic has dropped significantly in the last four years.  Either I'm not providing content that people really want, or there's just less general interest in blogs.  It's probably a little of both.  I've found myself way too often looking at the numbers and going "why am I doing this?"  
  • Because I've never been able to build the blog to a high enough traffic level, I've never been able to attract the kind of advertising that would make this financially beneficial.
  • With rare exception my readers haven't chosen to contribute either, so since I'm doing this basically gratis which means I've got to either be really passionate about it...or I'm just nuts.  I'll leave it to you to decide.  
  • Since September, 2004, I've posted nearly ever day, often 10 or more posts a day - over 27,439 posts in all.  I've posted from home and from vacation and business trips all around the country.  That's a lot of work to do for free.  
I'm going to take the summer off, but if the old fire returns I may pick up again in September and continue through the election.  However, I'll probably end it for good after that.  During the summer I'll have my Twitter feed displayed in the first post, so if you don't follow me, you can at least check in there to see what I'm posting about.

To those of you who have been regular readers - thanks!  I've appreciated your comments and readership.  It's been quite a ride since 2004 and promises to get even more bizarre as time goes on.  You'll still be able to find me on Facebook and Twitter.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

And With That HolyCoast.com Goes on Hiatus

Now that the Federal government has been given unlimited power to do anything it wants, I don't want to spend my time documenting the end of a great country.  We were founded on principles that have been totally abandoned by both parties and our courts.  In order to keep from writing a string of epithets and threats, I'm going on hiatus.  I may come back in the Fall...or may not.  We'll see.

I'll still be active on Twitter and Facebook.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Obamacare: A Narrow Ruling Or Much Broader

Just saw Judge Napolitano on Fox and he explained that the scope of the Obamcare ruling will probably be evident according to who writes the opinion.  If it's Chief Justice Roberts, he expects a narrow ruling that strikes down the individual mandate but leaves most of the rest of the law intact, based on Roberts' own judicial philosophy.  On the other hand, if the opinion is written by Justice Kennedy he expects a broader smackdown of the entire statute.

The bad news is Kennedy wrote the Arizona opinion, which makes it quite unlikely he'd also get the Obamacare case.  It will probably be Roberts and at best we'll split the baby again, killing the mandate but leaving much of the monstrosity intact and still doing damage to the economy and jobs.

And I guarantee you the media has already written their pieces calling it a victory for Obama if that happens.

Some people on Twitter were talking about the effect of an overturn of Obamacare on the job market.  Would it suddenly spur an increase in hiring and a possible turnaround in the economy that would benefit Obama if the whole thing were to be tossed by the Supremes?  I don't think so.  Frankly, I don't see any hope of an increase in hiring until employers are sure Obama is gone.  With him still in office and willing to wield unconstitutional power against the economy, hiring and job expansion would be a tremendously risky enterprise for most businesses.

Should he lose on November 6th, however, look out.

Colorado Fire Doubles in Size Overnight

Colorado Springs and a number of other beautiful communities are facing disaster:
A three-day-old wildfire erupted with catastrophic fury Tuesday, ripping across the foothills neighborhoods of Colorado Springs, devouring an untold number of homes and sending tens of thousands fleeing to safety in what was shaping up as one of the biggest disasters in state history. "This is a firestorm of epic proportions," said Colorado Springs Fire Chief Richard Brown. The Waldo Canyon fire in El Paso County — which had been growing in the forested hills on the city's west side — blew into an inferno late in the afternoon, raging over a ridge toward densely populated neighborhoods.

An apocalyptic plume of smoke covered Colorado's second-largest city as thousands of people forced to evacuate clogged Interstate

25 at rush hour trying to get to their homes or to get out of the way.

By nightfall, roughly 32,000 people left their homes, chased out by the flames.

"We have homes burning right now," El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa said shortly before 9 p.m.

The sheriff was among those forced from their homes by the fire.

"This is a very bad day," said Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach.

As the fire continued to grow, all of northwest Colorado Springs was ordered evacuated, including the Air Force Academy.
The pictures I posted last night show a frightening scene, including the fire approaching the Air Force Academy.  It's a very bad situation.  Pray for those folks.  More stunning photos here.

Obama Couldn't Get Rid of Claire McCaskill in 2008, But She's Scarce This Year

Claire McCaskill, Dem Senator from Missouri, was a frequent part of Obama's 2008 campaign.  But as she faces re-election this yeara, she's suddenly pretty scarce:
Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, one of the most vulnerable Democrats up for re-election in 2012, plans to skip the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

McCaskill said Tuesday she will spend the week campaigning in her home state instead. She joined a growing list of Democrats in conservative districts who have decided to avoid the convention, which will be a showcase of President Barack Obama's re-election campaign.

"Would you go to North Carolina for a bunch of parties and glad-handing, or would you stay home and work as hard as you know how and convince Missourians they should rehire you?" McCaskill said Tuesday between Senate votes.

But McCaskill insisted her decision was not about avoiding Obama. She said she's asked the President to campaign with her and will join Vice President Joe Biden for an event soon. McCaskill noted that she appeared recently with Obama at an event in Joplin, Mo.
The event she appeared at was a high school graduation in a town destroyed by a tornado a year ago. Not exactly the type of event any politician can afford to miss.

McCaskill joins an ever-growing list of Democrats who are going to stay as far away from Charlotte as possible. They don't want to get any Obama on them to taint their campaigns. It also tells me that Obama doesn't have a prayer of winning Missouri and will be a drag on the ticket for other Democrats. The same is becoming true in more and more states.

Obama Starts His Anti-Supreme Court Campaign

Road testing the theme for the Fall:
Barack Obama suggested that any decision by the US Supreme Court to overturn his landmark healthcare law would send the country “backwards” and that Americans did not want to “re-fight” the battle over healthcare.

It was the first sign that beyond the White House’s staunch defence of the Affordable Care Act Mr Obama is prepared to use the law as a rallying cry on the campaign trail. It is a risky strategy: about half the country remains opposed to the legislation, although most voters like the consumer protections that are guaranteed under the law.
Actually, well over half the people dislike Obamacare - especially in the way it was jammed down the throats of the people who hated it. The gimmicks used by Congress to get around taking an actual vote, the pure party line maneuvers...the whole thing stank.

Tomorrow morning we'll know which of the three possibly outcomes become reality:

  1. Obamacare is Upheld - complete disaster for America. Financial collapse becomes "when" and not "if".
  2. The Mandate is Ruled Unconstitutional, but The Remainder of the Law Stands - Obamacare becomes completely financially unsound, likely taking insurance companies down with it since they'll have to provide coverage without getting premium dollars from people who aren't sick and don't want coverage until they are.
  3. The Whole Thing is Tossed - Happy days are here again.  Congress can take another run at it, reforming the things about health care that can be reformed without destroying the whole system.
The day Obamacare was passed in Congress I added a half-mast flag to the top of this blog, signifying that it was a tragedy for America.  Should #3 come to pass I'll remove the flag.  Otherwise, it's there until Obama is gone.

Why Would Anyone Want to Be a Cop in Arizona?

Federal, state or local, it all sucks right now:
The Department of Homeland Security's refusal to cooperate with Arizona's court-tested crackdown on illegal immigration has field agents fuming, FoxNews.com has learned.

Within hours of the Supreme Court on Monday upholding of Arizona's requirement that police officers verify with federal authorities the immigration status of people they stop if suspected of being in the United States illegally, the Department of Homeland Security issued a memo telling agents not to take action unless the people are criminals, have recently arrived or pose a threat to national security.

“Anyone that is determined to be a low-level threat is subject to being released back into the general population since ICE does not view them as criminals,” one DHS agent told FoxNews.com. “It saddened me to see that ICE is choosing to operate under a ‘business as usual’ mind set rather than seeing how they can work with Arizona to accomplish the goals that they both share.”
And that's not the end of it - the Feds have set up a hotline so people, legal or illegal, can call and report cops that try and follow the state law. Obama is anti-American...period. He's got to go.