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Monday, November 07, 2005

Some Photos From Pennsylvania

I've been reporting on my quick 3 day concert tour to Pennsylvania, and here are some photos from the trip.

This is the town of Kittanning, PA, located right on the banks of the Allegheny River. Fall has come late to western PA, so there was still a lot of beautiful fall foliage on the trees.

Friday night's concert was held at Harvest Community Church in West Kittanning, a church which is rapidly growing.

The house was full for the evening concert featuring The Crimson River Quartet and The Keelings, a group from western PA.

The boys earning their keep in Kittanning.

Saturday night we headed into Amish country for a concert at Glade Run Presbyterian Church in Dayton. The church has been in organization for nearly 200 years. Their sound system includes a feed to the bell tower, which we didn't realize was on while we were rehearsing (you couldn't hear it from inside the building). The entire valley heard every note of the rehearsal before somebody came in to tell us that we were singing to half of western PA.

Sunday morning we sang at Montgomeryville Baptist Church in Adrian, PA. Pastor Don Toy was the promoter for the weekend and did a great job lining up the entire trip. This church dates back into the mid-1800's.

Never point a camera at a quartet.

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