HolyCoast: No Wonder She Changed Her Name

Thursday, March 01, 2007

No Wonder She Changed Her Name

This story caught my eye at Fox News:
Trashanda Waytes, 9, disappeared in November 2005, one month after a judge awarded her father custody of the child. Authorities said they used a tip to track the girl to Byhalia, Miss., on Tuesday night, and her father was traveling Wednesday to Mississippi to bring his daughter home.

Ron Waytes may be in for quite a shock when the two are reunited.

"She denied she was Trashanda Waytes," said David Jolley, a U.S. Marshal based in Memphis, Tenn. "She denied to officers she was the missing girl from Iowa the whole time, until her mother finally fessed up. ... Apparently the mother pressed it upon her that she follow this story — that the child go by the fake name. That's who she thought she was."
If my name was Trashanda, I think I'd go for a fake name too.


R. J. said...

I don't know what you meant by saying if your name was Trashanda you'd go for a fake name. That name belongs to my daughter and whether it is appropriate for you or not, it belongs to the most beautiful girl in the world to me. When I hear that name, it brings pure joy and happiness to my spirit. I thank God that by that name she was found and by that name God loved her and kept safe from danger. I thank God for that name because when I see her and say her name I know she is the greatest gift given to me from God.

R. J. said...

I'm glad we aren't face-to-face because I would give you a hands on experience and understanding what that name Trashanda means after all the hell my daughter went through, how could you be so nasty and degrading and comment on her name as if yours is any better.