HolyCoast: Have The Thunderbirds Defected?

Friday, August 03, 2007

Have The Thunderbirds Defected?

IRNA, the official Iranian New Agency, is promoting a story with the following headline: Enemy can by no means attack Iran: Air Force commander . There's a picture attached to the story that's supposed to be the brave Iranian Air Force. Here it is:

If those planes look familiar to you it's because they're the Thunderbirds, the official flight demonstration team of the U.S. Air Force. Have the T-Birds gone over to other side?

Looks like IRNA couldn't find enough of their own jets to get in the air, or didn't dare fly them that close to one another. I'm pretty sure the Thunderbirds are still on our side.

(You can see the full-sized photo on IRNA here.)

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Rob T. said...

No chance of that, Rick. I assure you we are still at Nellis!