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Monday, October 22, 2007

Another Church Burns

I was scanning the news bulletins from San Diego and came across this item:
Part of Rancho Bernardo Baptist Church, located at West Bernardo Drive and Duenda Road, has burned, according to lead Pastor Dan Maxton. The sanctuary on the upper campus appears to be hardest hit, while the buildings on the lower campus, including the preschool and youth center, are OK.

I know that church very well. I've sung there three or four times, and for several years I was their insurance agent. It's a good church with lots of good people and I'm sure they'll pull together and rebuild.

More information on the terrible situation in San Diego can be found here at the San Diego Union-Tribune blog, and here at Bruce Henderson's blog.

UPDATE from the church's website:
The Church Auditorium has sustained fire, smoke and water damage from our automatic sprinkling system. Fire fighters broke through the roof to release hot air and fight the fire. Virtually all of our music equipment, sound system, chairs, etc has sustained considerable damage. We don't know yet how long it will take to repair or replace our facility. The basement (dungeon) was damaged too. We have contacted our church insurance adjuster to begin the process of assessing damage and receiving compensation.

Our other facilities - the preschool, the youth center and the two modular buildings (Equipping Centers) - seem to be untouched by the fire. However, we've been unable to a careful assessment.

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