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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Malibu is Burning!

As I was channel surfing at the hotel this morning I came across MSNBC and a telecopter shot of the Malibu Presbyterian Church. You can see what the facility is supposed to look like at their website. This is what it looked like at ground level this morning. (from the LA Times):

Having been at one time in the church insurance business, I can tell you that this is the agent's nightmare scenario - a total loss. I don't know if this church was insured by my former company, but for the church's sake, I hope not. This is one of those times when the huge property limits on the big denominational programs (like the Presbyterians have) beats the heck out of "service".

From what I'm hearing on the news this is kind of a "church to the stars". A lot of celebrities in the Malibu community attended this church, including Bill and Hillary Clinton when they were in town. It's a shame to see a house of worship destroyed like this, but I'm sure they'll be back.

UPDATE - a reader sends me this note:
Another family connection: Covenant Presbyterian Insurance Program was involved immediately and is working with presbytery and church leaders to make sure that the church’s needs are taken care of. The church’s damages and losses will be fully covered and the people will be treated with great care because of the excellent service that CPIP provides.

Last year every church in the Pacific Presbytery insured by CPIP had their property revalued and their coverage adjusted, so Malibu Presbyterian Church will be fully covered.

That's good news for the church (though not such good news for my former boss).

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