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Monday, April 28, 2008

Concert Wrap-up

UPDATE: All 17 Crimson River Quartet songs from the concert are now on YouTube.

We had a great time Saturday night at the 15th Anniversary Celebration for The Crimson River Quartet. A good crowd showed up at Lake Hills Community Church in Laguna Hills, CA to celebrate with us, and the early arrivers stopped by the product table to check out the new CD. My son was taking care of business:
The evening was emceed by Dick Hilleary, one of the finest in the gospel music business and a long time friend of ours. I kid Dick about it, but I can remember going to concerts at the old Long Beach Auditorium when I was only 18 and he was the emcee on those great programs. Those concerts featured the best in the Southern Gospel business, and it wasn't unusual to have 5,000 people there until 1am.
The first group to perform was the Morningstar Christian Chapel Worship Band from Whittier, CA. Our lead singer, Tom Moore, is also their piano player, so Tom had a long night singing for both groups.
Next up was our buddies The Cross Road Quartet from Diamond Bar, CA. Our two groups used to travel together a lot and did a number of joint concert programs all over California.
It was finally our turn, and we opened with the song that started the group, Crimson River. That song inspired the name, and was also the first song we ever sang in concert back in 1992 (yes, we're a little late with the anniversary celebration).
It's not all serious. We have a lot of fun in our concerts and have even been known to stop mid-song and mug for the camera a bit.
The work never ends. While another group is performing, Dick and I are swapping war stories and talking through the rest of the program.The big ending

Our thanks to everyone who attended and made the evening special. We hope to see you out there again sometime soon.

I'll be looking at the video and audio from the concert and hope to have several new YouTube videos posted soon (our videos have been viewed over 32,000 times by people in 81 countries). If the audio turns out as I hope, I may run our entire portion of the concert as a special internet broadcast. I'll let you know more about that later.

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