HolyCoast: "Nobody's Won Anything Yet"

Sunday, November 02, 2008

"Nobody's Won Anything Yet"

Last night following the concert in Temecula the four of us (in the quartet) hit a local Chili's for a late dinner, and as often happens, got into a discussion about the election on Tuesday. We're all of like mind politically, and all were somewhat down about the thought that the American people are being so badly duped by the Democrats and the press into believing that electing a Socialist is the kind of change America really needs.

After one particularly mournful conversation about the current polls, I said "nobody's won anything yet". Not terribly profound, but that comment actually served to lighten up the conversation significantly, and it's really an important thing to remember. The press may be calling it over, the Democrats may be calling it over, and in fact a lot of Republican pundits may be calling it over, but it ain't over. Nobody's won anything yet, and with two days to go, there are still things we can do to make sure people get out and vote.

Tuesday could still go either way.

And here are the guys in full song last night in Temecula (L-R Mernie Metzler, Tom Moore, Greg Brandt, and yours truly):

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