HolyCoast: Obama Fails a NASCAR History Lesson

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Obama Fails a NASCAR History Lesson

Obama welcomed the stars of NASCAR to the White House yesterday and offered this statement and mangled history (h/t Hot Air):
You know, it’s fitting that you’ve all come here to the White House — the American people’s house — because NASCAR is a uniquely American sport. Since its humble beginnings, when moonshiners raced on the sands of Daytona Beach during prohibition, it’s grown into a sport with tens of millions of fans here in America and around the world.
NASCAR's humble beginnings occurred in 1947 when the organization was founded by Big Bill France. Prohibition ended 14 years earlier.

How tough would it have been to get this right? Don't they have anyone at the White House with the ability to conduct a simple Google search?


Anonymous said...

If George Bush had said this, it would have been worth six months of Doonesbury comics, at least. Barack is much more comfortable with the price of Argula (did I spell that correctly?)

Sam L. said...

Bus said it best: "Whatta maroon!"

And Guy: Almost. "Arugula." (I'm fairly sure.)

Aaron said...

2 seconds and an ask search (offical search engine of Nascar, of course) poped this page up:


Segment: In December of 1947 Bill gathered together a group of race promoters, officials and drivers in the Streamline Hotel in Daytona Beach, Florida to discuss the idea. After a series of discussions NASCAR was officially born on February 21st, 1948.

So not too hard to find at all really...

Nightingale said...

If the boobs in Washington were good students of history, we wouldn't need Tea Parties.

Anonymous said...

He was referring to its pre-formal origins and was actually correct:


Nightingale said...

Nice try Anonymous, but the president stated "during prohibition," not after. Guy is right: if GWB had said that, no one would have given him the benefit of the doubt.

The website you cited goes on to say the whole business of bootlegging was further fueled by high government TAXES on alcohol.

How ironic coming from the current lets-redistribute-the-wealth president.