HolyCoast: Will Jerry Brown Ask California to Drink the Kool-Aid?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Will Jerry Brown Ask California to Drink the Kool-Aid?

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Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown wants to be California's governor again, but as with most lefties, you have to be concerned about the friends he has. Here's a little blast from Brown's past:
California Governor Jerry Brown and Jim Jones

By virtue of producing rent-free rent-a-rallies for liberal politicians and causes, Jim Jones engendered enormous amounts of good will from Democratic politicians and activists. They allowed their political ambitions to derail their governing responsibilities. Frisco pols like Harvey Milk never seemed to care how Jones could, at the snap of his fingers, direct hundreds of people to stack a public meeting or volunteer for a campaign. City Councilman Milk just knew that he benefitted from that control, and therefore never bothered to do anything to inhibit the dangerous cult operating in his city. Instead, he actively aided and abetted a homicidal maniac. It wasn't just local hacks Jones commanded respect from. He held court with future First Lady Rosalyn Carter, vice presidential candidate Walter Mondale, and California Governor Jerry Brown.

A man who killed more African Americans than the Ku Klux Klan was awarded a local Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian Award and won the plaudits of California lieutenant governor Mervyn Dymally, state assemblyman Willie Brown, radical academic Angela Davis, preacher/politician Jesse Jackson, Black Panther leader Huey Newton, and other African American activists. From Newton, whom Jones had visited in Cuban exhile in 1977, Jones got his lawyer and received support, such as a phone-to-megaphone address to Jonestown during a "white night" dry run of mass suicide. This was appropriate, as it was from Newton whom Jones appropriated the phrase "revolutionary suicide"--the title of a 1973 Newton book--that he used as a moniker for the murder-suicides of more than 900 people on November 18, 1978. "We didn't commit suicide," Jones announced during the administering of cyanide-laced Flavoraid to his flock, "we committed an act of revolutionary suicide protesting the conditions of an inhumane world." Newton's comically idiotic slogan boomeranged on him, as several of his relatives perished in the Kool-Aid carnage.
It's worth remembering that before the people of Peoples Temple drank Jim Jones's Kool-Aid, the leftist political establishment of San Francisco gulped it down. And without the latter, the former would have never happened.
If California chooses Brown for governor again I may just go ahead and drink the Kool-Aid. It can't be worse than what a liberal nutcase governor combined with a liberal nutcase legislature will do to the state.


Linda said...

It's too bad so many ignorant people live in CA.

Nightingale said...

I'll leave California before I ever consider drinking the Kool-Aid.

Goofy Dick said...

Being a native Californian, I will leave the state rather than try to endure what all a Gov. Jerry Brown will do to this state along with a legislature that is so far left they will never find their way home.

Anonymous said...

this is so freaking retarded! Good god! People of CALI REALLY need to get off their lazy butts and actually "research" candidates instead of watching their highly subjective COMMERCIALS. Congrats CALI, you've just voted in Jim Jones' best buddy.