HolyCoast: Boot On the Throat or Gas in the Boot?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Boot On the Throat or Gas in the Boot?

A year ago Obama's Interior Secretary promised the Administration would keep their "boot on the throat" of BP to make sure they could extort as much money out of them as possible in the Gulf Oil Spill.  Yesterday BP got a little of that money back.
He maybe the president of the most powerful nation in the world, but his car still needs filling up with petrol.

Workers at a garage in Pimlico today told of their astonishment after Barack Obama's car and the presidential entourage pulled up for refuelling.

The armoured limousine, nicknamed "The Beast", arrived with six other vehicles and police escort at a BP petrol station on Vauxhall Bridge Road during the president's state visit to London.

Onlookers said the cars took up the entire forecourt when they arrived yesterday at around 3pm.

They also told how the Cadillac - which is fitted with bullet-proof glass and has an armoured body, its own oxygen supply and even samples of the President's blood - took up a bay and a half while Mr Obama's driver filled it up with £50 worth of unleaded.
According to the story the station's attendants didn't know it was Obama's car. If they did, they probably would have spit in the tank.

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Nightingale said...

Spit in the gas tank? The way the MSM has been playing up the UK visit, you'd think the Brits would be bowing in worship.