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Friday, August 26, 2011


That title kind of represents the household equation since I first moved out on my own in the late 70's.
  • Started out as just me, but one became two in 1987 when we got married.
  • Two became three a year-and-a-half later when our daughter was born.
  • Three became four in 1991 when our son joined the family.
  • For 16 years four was the norm.  All through the preschool, elementary, Jr. high and high school years.
  • But as these things do, what goes up must come down and in August of 2007 four became three again when our daughter headed off to college 500 miles away.  I remember how odd it felt to come home from that trip and only have three people in the house.  Occasionally we'd grow to four again when Christmas and summer breaks came around, but three became the norm.
  • Our son chose to do his first two college years at a local community college, so for four years we've been three. 
  • That changes today as three will once again become two as our son heads to Sacramento for his junior year in college and we'll come home to an empty nest.  
Gonna be really strange.  I kind of got used to seeing at least one of those kids in the house all the time.  They grow on you after awhile.

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Laura said...

We're driving home from leaving our son at college in Flagstaff...we've still got some children at home but it's definitely weird going through these transitions. In a couple more years we could go from six of us at home to three.

Hope your son has a great experience!

Best wishes,