HolyCoast: Ban Republicans? Fine, YOU Pay for the Parade

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ban Republicans? Fine, YOU Pay for the Parade

I like this mayor's style:
The mayor of a Wisconsin town said on Tuesday a local labor council would have to reimburse the city up to $2,000 for a Labor Day parade if organizers exclude Republican lawmakers from attending.

The move in Wausau, Wisconsin, came after a county labor official said last week that Republican politicians were not welcome at the event due to their party's stance against collective bargaining when state lawmakers voted to curtail it earlier this year.

Wausau Mayor Jim Tipple told Reuters on Tuesday that the decision to exclude elected Republicans "flies in the face of public policy."

"This is not a political rally, it's a parade, for God's sake," Tipple said, noting that taxpayer money is used by the city to pay for staging the event. Tipple's office is nonpartisan, and he claims no affiliation with either political party.

He said the annual cost of the parade, including insurance, setting up and taking down a stage, and police personnel, runs anywhere from $1,500 to $2,000 each year.
The Wisconsin public employees organizations are losing...period. These little petty temper tantrums aren't going to turn them into winners.

UPDATE: The unions back down.

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Sam L. said...

And they are convincing more and more people to dislike and oppose them.