HolyCoast: California Students Indoctrinated by Plastic Bag Industry

Saturday, August 20, 2011

California Students Indoctrinated by Plastic Bag Industry

Can't we just get back to teaching the basics instead of pushing gay history and plastic bag nonsense?
Textbooks in California include a positive message about plastic shopping bags, and a lobbying group may be behind it.

According to an investigation by Susanne Rust, an environmental reporter at California Watch, while a group lobbying for the plastics industry was fighting plastic shopping bag bans around the country, they also were able to get 11th grade textbooks and teachers’ guides rewritten to include the positives of their products.

A new section appears in textbooks talking about the advantages of plastic shopping bags, and encourages teachers to have students list some positive things about using plastic bags. Correct answers include the bags’ convenience, they cost less to transport and can be reused.

According to Rust’s investigation, the new sections in these textbooks include language from letters written by the American Chemistry Council, which lobbies on behalf of the plastics industry.
I can't believe this one got past the environmentalists. They've been pushing cities to enact plastic bag bans, so I'm sure their heads are popping with the release of this story.


Nightingale said...

I am a responsible cat owner, and keep my cats indoors only...to keep them from soiling my neighbors' yards; to keep them from getting hit by cars; and to keep them from from being eaten by coyotes. But they have to relieve themselves, so I have two cat boxes.

My point?

Those plastic bags that environmental activists call evil are recycled by me in the cat box clean up. What am supposed to do if those bags get banned? I'll end up BUYING plastic bags for the same purpose. Does forcing me to do that really help the environment?

And speaking of the "evils" of plastic, I was just getting into the healthcare profession when they switched from glass IV bottles to plastic. What a godsend. Nothing worse than having a glass IV bottle crash into a million pieces on the floor. And does anyone really want healthcare workers to go back to reusable glass syringes?

Sam L. said...

Yes, how DID this happen?