HolyCoast: Construction Unions Will Sit Out DNC Convention

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Construction Unions Will Sit Out DNC Convention

Don't you hate it when the party you support with your union dues abandons you when their biggest event every four years comes around?
About a dozen trade unions plan to sit out the 2012 Democratic convention because they’re angry that it’s being held in a right-to-work state and frustrated that Democrats haven’t done enough to create jobs.

The move could pose a larger problem for President Barack Obama next year if an increasingly dispirited base of labor activists becomes so discouraged that it doesn’t get the rank-and-file to the polls in the usual strong numbers.

The unions — all part of the AFL-CIO’s building and construction trades unit — told party officials this week they are gravely disappointed that labor was not consulted before Democrats settled on Charlotte, N.C., where there are no unionized hotels.

“We find it troubling that the party so closely associated with basic human rights would choose a state with the lowest unionization rate in the country due to regressive policies aimed at diluting the power of workers,” Mark Ayers, president of the building trades unit, wrote in a letter to Democratic Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
The unions are incredibly gullible. The DNC will whisper some sweet nothings in their ear and they'll once again fork over tens of millions of dollars for Dem campaigns and get-out-the-vote efforts. It's just as sure as the sun coming up in the east.

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Sam L. said...

They refuse to believe they're being played for suckers.