HolyCoast: JFK's Most Famous Line Gets Turned On Its Head

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

JFK's Most Famous Line Gets Turned On Its Head

I posted the other day about Rep. Mad Maxine Waters statement that the "Tea Party can go to hell", but Jim Geraghty says there was something else said at that meeting which should have shocked Democrats:
Yeek. While Maxine Water's snide, "the Tea Party can go straight to hell" declaration is garnering the most attention and well-earned derision, what I didn't know until American Glob pointed it out is that at the same community meeting was a constituent's angry demand that, "I'm asking the script be flipped and asking what the country can do for me and the people in this room!" The comment was applauded; as American Glob observes, not one Democrat "even flinch[ed] as someone in the audience blaspheme[d] the most famous quote of the most loved Democrat president of the 20th century?" 
JFK wouldn't even recognize today's Democrat party.

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