HolyCoast: The Navy's New Decoy Fleet

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Navy's New Decoy Fleet

What a dumb idea:
@WestWingReport: Navy has flown F18s powered by biofuels; is developing a “Green Fleet,” a carrier strike group powered by alternative fuel. Operational 2016
We'll call them "targets".  The military is no place for social or environmental engineering.  The military is supposed to kill people and break things, and I want them using whatever fuel accomplishes that the very best and is plentiful enough to sustain ongoing operations.

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Nightingale said...

When I first heard the "green" military story in the WSJ I thought: are they nuts?? But the military guy interviewed said the logistics of getting fuel where it is needed puts a lot of personnel at risk of dying. Developing technology that allows for conservation and flexibility with fuels could save lives. I'm OK with that so long as implementing this concept doesn't cost more lives, and so long as this concept isn't some sort of green experiment. Our military men and women deserve the best.