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Saturday, August 27, 2011

No, It's Not Global Warming

We have not had a landfalling hurricane in the U.S. since Hurricane Ike in 2008, so if anyone is trying to tell you that Hurricane Irene is being caused by global warming, feel free to call them an idiot.  These are the same people who told us that global warming would cause more hurricanes.

This storm will do a lot of damage because it's so darn big and moving very slowly.  It's not terribly strong right now - only Cat 1 - but with rain bands extending out 450 miles and tropical force winds out 90 miles from the center, the slow speed means these conditions will persist for a long time over the affected areas.

When I went through Hurricane Celia in 1970 we had terrible conditions for 4 hours, a 30 minute break during the eye, and another 4 hours of bad stuff before it calmed down to just heavy rain.  Lots of bad things can happen during such a long period of intense weather.

This is going to be a big mess.

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