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Monday, August 15, 2011

Political Quote of the Day

From Democrat Ed Rendell:
“It’s going to be Hillary Clinton in 2016.”
Really? Does Hillary want to be 2016's version of Walter Mondale and lose 49 states to a very popular President Rick Perry?

Hillary Clinton is 63 years old (she'll be 64 in October).  On election day in 2016 she'll be 69 years old, and let's be honest, the years haven't been that good to her.  If she's going to make a serious run at the White House, 2012 is her last shot.  After that she's just the Democrat's Ron Paul.

I personally think she could knock Obama off in the primaries.  It would be a battle, but there's so much buyer's remorse in the Democrat party these days I don't see her losing.

But 2016 is out of the question.  As one Twitter wit put it, she'll look like Yoda then.  And the Force won't be with her.

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