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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Political Video of the Day

What do you think this means?

I fear it means that Sarah Palin is going to get in the presidential race. Yesterday as the "Palin is running" fever spread through the Internet I posted a few thoughts on Twitter that I'll rerun here:
Any support for Palin I had disappeared when Perry got in. Now I want her to stay out and avoid splitting conservative vote.

Biggest argument in Palin v. Perry will be time in office. One has served since 2000 and one quit after 2.5 years. #gameover

If Sarah Palin decides to run she'll effectively be Mitt Romney's running mate, splitting the conservative vote & helping Mitt.

If Sarah Palin runs it'll be the second time she's tried to get a RINO elected. #TeamMitt #McCain08
And John Podhoretz added this:
@jpodhoretz: If Sarah Palin runs, Mitt Romney does the Snoopy dance of joy.
At least one person on Facebook was put out by all this and took me to task saying that had Palin been in the race and Perry jumped in late the same things could be said for him.  And I agreed, yes they could, but it didn't happen that way.  Palin missed her opportunity and now all she can do is screw things up.

Let me restate what I posted before: Sarah Palin, Please Don't Run


Sam L. said...

> http://americandigest.org/mt-archives/5minute_arguments/comment_of_the_week_newto.php

Scroll down for this:
> "I like Mrs. Palin, but she failed the first test when she could not complete her term as Governor of Alaska."
> The day you're falsely accused of ridiculous and frivolous matters by ten different people (some covering themselves under fictitious characters) and then the accusations multiply by five or ten;...
> ... then, bring you to the point of dragging your co-workers and friends into the same pit, and you find yourself unable to defend yourself with attorney fees that are ten times greater than your ability to pay and little to no personal fortune of your own (especially if you're not born into a great political dynasty like the Kennedys), not to mention that the laws of your state do not give you any kind of support to fight those charges;...
> ... and then, you notice that precious time that you could use for more important matters is wasted in fighting pests (cockroaches!) like these, and then you are so trapped in their (falsely weaved) web that you have no other choice than to cut your loses and fight guerrilla-style like a mercenary, to recover your unjustly lost honor...
> ... Then, and ONLY then, you can come back and talk to me - or any of us - about how Sarah Palin should not run for the Presidency.
> Posted by: newton at August 15, 2011 9:10 AM

Sam Dunkin
Astoria OR

Sam L. said...

I agree, this looks like she'll declare she's running.