HolyCoast: Today's Chris Christie Lesson in Government

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Today's Chris Christie Lesson in Government

No coddling for New Jersey State employees:
Public unions are furious at New Jersey governor Chris Christie for calling public employees into work on Monday, advising private workers to stay home.

"For people in many cases, it took hours, hours and hours to get into Trenton," complained Hetty Rosenstein, regional director for the Communications Workers of America. "It was not safe and it didn’t make any sense that you would say to every worker except for state workers: ‘If you can stay home, stay home,’ then say but to state workers: ‘It’s important for you to be at your desk.’"

Christie's response?

"Folks sat in traffic this morning, my apologies," he said sarcastically. "Toughen up and get to work."
Yes sir.

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Nightingale said...

They're lucky to have jobs.