HolyCoast: Vacationing With the Billionaires

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Vacationing With the Billionaires

Charles Krauthammer has some thoughts on Obama's decision to spend 10 days in pricey Martha's Vineyard:
Choosing an exclusive enclave like the Vineyard after spending three days on the road railing against the rich and the wealthy and the millionaires and the billionaires and the corporate jet owners who vacation exactly in the same place — and then spending ten days in their company — speaks of a kind of dissonance or hypocrisy.

You know, the Vineyard doesn’t have any bridges to it. You either get there on a ferry in your Maserati, or on a jet or a helicopter. It’s not exactly where ordinary folks will take a vacation.
I don't begrudge any president a vacation or some time off to get away, but if you're going to bash millionaires and billionaires as people who "aren't paying their fair share", then why would you plan your vacation to one place where they're most likely to be? The optics are terrible.

Combine that with Michelle Obama's decision to spend thousands and thousands of taxpayer dollars to fly separately just so she could get there a few hours earlier, and you have a pretty seriously tone deaf First Family.

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Sam L. said...

And then there are all the vehicles brought over for POTUS & FLOTUS and aides and Secret Service and...

John Edwards was right about the Tow Americas--just totally wrong on who was in each.