HolyCoast: 54% Would Vote Out EVERY Member of Congress

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

54% Would Vote Out EVERY Member of Congress

That's what they tell the pollsters, but I doubt they'd actually flush their own rep in most cases:
Need more evidence of just how unhappy the American public is with Congress?

Look no further than today’s NBC/Wall Street Journal poll where 54 percent of those tested said that if they had the opportunity to vote out every single Member of Congress — including their own — they would take it.

That’s the highest that number has been in the 18 months or so that NBC/WSJ have been asking the question — and the clearest evidence yet that we may be headed to a “pox on both your houses” election the likes of which we have never seen before.
If you really think every one of them needs to be replaced the place to do that is in the primary. Get somebody from your party you like better.

However, on election day, Republicans aren't going to en masse vote their party out of power anymore than Democrats are likely to do that. These polls give political pundits something to talk about, but don't generally translate into real action on election day.

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