HolyCoast: Dems Scramble to Save the Jewish Vote

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dems Scramble to Save the Jewish Vote

The results in NY-9 have created panic in the Dem party:
Not since Jimmy Carter in 1980 has a Democrat running for president failed to win a lopsided majority of the Jewish vote. This has been true during times of peace or war, and even when there has been deep acrimony between the White House and the Israeli government.

Republicans see a chance to change that in 2012, with President Obama locked in a tense relationship with Israel’s leaders and criticized by many American Jews as being too tough on a close and favored ally. Tuesday’s Republican upset in New York’s Congressional election, they say, is a sign of bad things to come for Mr. Obama.

Sensing trouble, the Obama campaign and Democratic Party leaders have mobilized to solidify the president’s standing with Jewish voters. The Democratic National Committee has established a Jewish outreach program. The campaign is singling out Jewish groups, donors and other supporters with calls and e-mails to counter the Republican narrative that Mr. Obama is hostile to Israel.
This isn't going to be easy because Obama IS hostile to Israel.  He hates Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu (and the feeling is probably mutual), and has made it clear that in any conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis, his sympathies are with the Palestinians.  Jewish voters have every reason to be worried about how Obama will treat Israel.

And should he be re-elected he'll no longer be constrained by another election.  I'm sure we'll see the full nature of his pro-Palestinian views should that happen.

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