HolyCoast: Do Democrats Want to Lose Their Weiner Seat?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Do Democrats Want to Lose Their Weiner Seat?

I just love writing headlines with "Weiner" in them.  Some are thinking that Dems would actually like to lose today's special election in NY-9:
Top Democrats have privately told GOP leaders that they want David Weprin defeated in tomorrow’s special congressional election for the Anthony Weiner seat in order to send “a wake-up call to President Obama,” a national Republican strategist contends.

Strategist John McLaughlin, a key figure in businessman Bob Turner’s hotly fought and closely watched battle with Queens Assemblyman Weprin, said he’s been startled at how many prominent Democrats say they want the Republicans to win the contest in the heavily Democratic Queens-Brooklyn district to put pressure on the White House.

“It’s really something. We have a lot of Democrats coming to us saying, ‘We hope Turner wins because if Obama doesn’t change his policies, we’re afraid we’re going to lose in 2012,’ ’’ McLaughlin told The Post.

“They’re supporting us as a way to send a wake-up call to President Obama and their party so that there are huge implications nationally from this election,’’ McLaughlin continued.

Former Mayor Ed Koch and Assemblyman Dov Hikind of Brooklyn, both Democrats, have publicly backed Republican Turner because of unhappiness with Obama’s policies toward Israel.
The latest poll showed the Republican with a six point lead, but given the demographics of the district the GOP can't take anything for granted. Obama got 55% of the vote in this district and it's been held by Democrats for decades. I guess we'll find out tonight.

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