HolyCoast: Forget the Candidates, Let's Analyze the Moderators

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Forget the Candidates, Let's Analyze the Moderators

I still don't understand why the GOP would agree to a candidate debate sponsored by two of the most anti-GOP media outlets there are - NBC and Politico.  Maybe they figure if they can survive the loaded questions from those people they can deal with just about anything.

Jim Geraghty collected some analysis of the moderators and post-debate discussion:
Michelle Selesky wonders, "When will we start exporting debate hosting duties to networks like @Bravotv or @HGTV? They seriously couldn't do worse."

Matt K. Lewis looks at the MSNBC post-debate analysis team of Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, AL Sharpton, Ed Schultz, Lawrence O'Donnell, Eugene Robinson, and Robert Gibbs and quips, "Can't wait for Rush Limbaugh, Pat Robertson and Phyllis Schlafly to provide commentary for the next Dem primary debate."

Even Larry Sabato gets in on the act: "The post-debate show looks like an analysis by Democrats for Democrats of the GOP debate, and the dozen Ds watching are learning a lot."

"Al Sharpton and Ed Schultz analyzing Republican politics is like Richard Simmons analyzing diesel engine repair," concludes Matthew Sheffield.

The Anchoress is left doubly disappointed: "I am done. Waited around to hear something from Noonan, but she is apparently being forgotten."
I think the most telling part of the debate from the moderator standpoint was the moment when the crowd applauded the Texas execution rate and Brian Williams looked like he's just eaten some bad sushi. More on that moment here.

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