HolyCoast: The Gaffes That Shall Not Be Mentioned

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Gaffes That Shall Not Be Mentioned

The president is a gaffe machine, and yet you don't see Saturday Night Live doing any skits about him.  He's said some incredibly dumb things that would have gotten any Republican roasted, but gets a pass on all of it (from Daily Caller):
Obama reaches out to Jewish voters, delivers slap -- President Dum-Dum keeps getting it wrong. TheDC's Jamie Weinstein reports: "Speaking at the Congressional Black Caucus annual awards dinner in Washington Saturday night, President Obama made a verbal boo-boo. While defending his call for the rich to pay more in taxes, the president said he didn't mind people calling him a class warrior for merely asking a billionaire to pay the same tax rate as a Jew. Whoops! The president meant to say 'janitor' instead of 'Jew,' and he immediately corrected himself. After all, he doesn't need any more problems keeping Jewish voters enthusiastic about his re-election bid." Well, maybe he's trying to win back Al Sharpton. Obama's been making a lot of gaffes lately, hasn't he? Last week he talked about the building of the"intercontinental railroad," and he thought he was supposed to wave to all his fans during a group picture of world leaders at the UN. Before that, he said Lincoln founded the Republican Party, there are 57 states, the Navy has "corpse-men," etc., etc. These screw-ups are all isolated incidents and don't indicate stupidity and incompetence, though, because Obama's not a Republican.
Even if SNL did a skit nobody in their viewing audience would get the jokes because these gaffes never get reported by the mainstream press. They don't want to hurt the Anointed One.

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