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Monday, September 05, 2011

Labor Day Quote of the Day

From Chief Teamsters Union Thug James Hoffa Jr., during an interview on CNN:
I think the president should challenge the patriotism of these American corporations that are sitting on the sidelines saying, why do we have high unemployment but I am not going to hire anybody? You know, they have an obligation just like the federal government, just like Obama. We have all got to get into the game. And I don't see that happening. So the trillions and billions of dollars that they have on the sidelines, they have money, Pfizer and General Electric, they have trillions of dollars overseas, let's start repatriating that money. Let's start a program to get America going again.
Memo to the union thugs - corporations do not have an obligation to "get into the game" and help the federal government, or for that matter workers. Their obligation is to their stockholders, and if the regulatory and economic environment practically screams for them to sit on their money, that's what they should do.

The same goes with opening plants. They're not required to build them where the costs are exorbitant. They're tasked with making money for shareholders, not union members. Although Obama would like to change that, it still works that way for at least awhile longer.

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