HolyCoast: McCotter Drops Out, Endorses Romney

Thursday, September 22, 2011

McCotter Drops Out, Endorses Romney

There is no joy in McCotterville. Mighty Thad has dropped out.

And, in an odd twist, Rep. Thaddeus “The Red Eye Candidate” McCotter told the Detroit News this afternoon that he will throw his support behind the man he most reviled during the campaign: former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. This comes as a surprise, since McCotter’s populist campaign was meant in part as an answer to Romney’s establishment candidacy.

When Romney campaigned in Michigan in June, McCotter greeted the GOP frontrunner with an icy welcome. “Motor City hospitality dictates a Michigan message to Mitt that our struggling families, entrepreneurs, and workers think Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama are not rivals, they’re running mates,” said McCotter, referring to Romneycare, first cousin of Obamcare.

McCotter also slammed Romney for opposing the auto bailout, saying Romney’s solution “would have led to liquidation and the loss of more than one million jobs nationwide.”
I can see Tim Pawlenty endorsing Romney, but McCotter's endorsement doesn't make sense. At best he should have backed out and withheld his endorsement (if it means anything) until the race had settled a bit.

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