HolyCoast: Obama's "Jobs" Bill Finally Gets a Sponsor

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Obama's "Jobs" Bill Finally Gets a Sponsor

The running joke yesterday was Obama's "Jobs" Bill didn't have even a single Democrat willing to put his name on it.  Apparently the Dems were hoping the Republican leadership would sponsor the bill...and take the blame when it was voted down.

Well, Obama finally found a sucker to put his name on it (from Daily Caller):
Okay, NOW pass the jobs bill right now -- TheDC's Nicholas Ballasy reports the latest on Obama's phony-baloney jobs bill: "The Daily Caller has learned that Connecticut Democratic Rep. John Larson has introduced President Barack Obama's jobs plan in the House of Representatives 'at the request of the president' and that the bill has no co-sponsors. Subsequent to The Daily Caller's earlier reporting on Republican Rep. James Lankford of Oklahoma's comments about the bill not being filed in the House, a senior Democratic aide told TheDC the legislation was first introduced in the Senate on Sept. 13 by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and in the House on Sept. 21 'at the request of the President.' Both versions, H.R. 12 and S. 1549 contain the same language and have no co-sponsors. 'Members have not been asked to co-sponsor the bill. Instead, members have asked that the GOP leadership bring it up so we can address the need for job creation in this country,' a senior Democratic aide told TheDC." Because it would be way too honest to say, "Our disastrous policies have killed American jobs, and now we're playing amateurish games to try to escape responsibility." So alrighty then: Now there's a bill. And Harry Reid is in absolutely no hurry to do anything about it. Wait... doesn't he love Obama? If he loved Obama, he'd get that done RIGHT NOW.
I imagine the next thing will be CBO scoring, followed by acrimonious hearings and eventual defeat. Maybe we should just go ahead and skip to the defeat part and get it over with.

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