HolyCoast: Obama's "Official" Event Includes Campaign Theme Song and Anti-GOP Chants

Monday, September 05, 2011

Obama's "Official" Event Includes Campaign Theme Song and Anti-GOP Chants

Obama is making an "official" visit to Detroit today, meaning it's being paid for by taxpayers and not campaign funds.  However, according to reports from on-scene journalists, the rally is featuring his campaign theme song, and Mark Knoller adds this:
Detroit Labor rally takes on partisan tone as Cong Sander Levin leads crowd in saying "NO" to Mitt Romney, Michelle Bachmann & Rick Perry
From Ed Henry:
Labor official chides GOP in Congress for blocking POTUS: "we have 14 million people out of work ... put their asses back to work!"

oh my. Jimmy Hoffa: "let's take these sons of a bitches out" he says of Republicans in Congress
Somebody needs to file a Federal Election Commission complaint.

And this from Keder on Twitter:
@keder: Obama is spending labor day in Detroit? Detroit is ground zero for economic misery caused by policies Obama endorses.
I retweeted that message and drew this response from the left:
Detroit Is Ground Zero For The Results Of Economic Outsourcing And Allowing Corps To Do As They Wish.
My reply:
Why shouldn't Corps do as they wish? It's their money, not yours. They don't exist to provide jobs.

Labor Day Fact: Corporations don't exist to provide jobs to union members. They exist to provide profits to shareholders.
The lefty never responded.  How could he?  He's got nothing

Unfortunately, the people that are still drinking the Obama Kool-Aid will never admit that their liberal heroes and socialist policies have brought this economic disaster upon them and cannot fix anything.

UPDATE from Mark Knoller:
Aretha Franklin has Labor Day rally stirred up by singing "Chain of Fools."
How appropriate.

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