HolyCoast: One Arizona Power Worked Probably Brought Down the Whole Grid

Thursday, September 08, 2011

One Arizona Power Worked Probably Brought Down the Whole Grid

How'd you like to be this guy?
An Arizona power company said Thursday that a worker probably caused the power outage that left large parts of Southern California and the surrounding region in the dark.

APS, which is Arizona’s largest electric utility said a power line was tripped near Yuma, Ariz., at 3:30 p.m. Thursday during maintenance work.

"The outage appears to be related to a procedure an APS employee was carrying out in the North Gila substation, which is located northeast of Yuma," an APS press release said. "Operating and protection protocols typically would have isolated the resulting outage to the Yuma area. The reason that did not occur in this case will be the focal point of the investigation into the event, which already is underway."
Must be a Tea Party guy that didn't want to hear Obama's speech.


Sam L. said...

So...Sandy Eggo gets it's power from Arizona. Wouldn't it be, maybe, smarter to have power generated closer to where it's used so there'd be a quicker response and someone handy to blame and denigrate for the outage?

But then there's all that damnable pollution and stuff to deal with.

Hillbilly Geek said...

His nickname, ever more will be "Prince of Darkness"