HolyCoast: Rasmussen: Perry 44%, Obama 41%

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Rasmussen: Perry 44%, Obama 41%

I knew it wouldn't take long for Perry to overtake Obama:
For the first time this year, Texas Governor Rick Perry leads President Obama in a national Election 2012 survey. Other Republican candidates trail the president by single digits.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows Perry picking up 44% of the vote while the president earns support from 41%. Given the margin of sampling error (+/- 3 percentage points) and the fact that the election is more than a year away, the race between the two men is effectively a toss-up. Just over a week ago, the president held a three-point advantage over Perry.

Perry leads by nine among men but trails by five among women. Among voters under 30, the president leads while Perry has the edge among those over 30. The president leads Perry by 16 percentage points among union members while Perry leads among those who do not belong to a union.
Looks like Obama's efforts to buy union support with your tax dollars is still working. The good news is there are fewer union workers in the country these days and they're not all idiots.  Just most of them.

And ladies, what's the matter with you people? Do you really prefer a incompetent metrosexual over Perry, a man with actual accomplishments? Almost makes me want to rethink the Nineteenth Amendment.


Nightingale said...

I'm a woman and a union member (though not by choice), and I support Perry.

It's about time we had more testosterone in the White House.

Sam L. said...

It's those AFSCME and SEIU folks he cares about, and the UAW, of course. And Boeing's unions.