HolyCoast: Saggy Pants Are a Money Maker For One Georgia Town

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Saggy Pants Are a Money Maker For One Georgia Town

Droopy drawers will get you a ticket:
Saggy pants -- the kind that show off more underwear that many care to see -- were causing such an eyesore in a small town in southwestern Georgia that they were banned. Violators faced a $25 fine for a first saggy pants offense, more for a second.

Now, nearly a year after the ban was put into effect, Albany, Ga., reports that it is turning into a tidy little money maker: The city is on track to collect more than $5,500 under it by year's end.

The ban applies to anyone, male or female, wearing extremely low-hanging clothing, which is defined as more than "three inches below the top of the hips," showing off skin or unmentionables in public.

Supporters of the law say low-riding pants are disrespectful and offensive, especially when small children can find themselves staring directly at barely covered buttocks.

Since the prohibition became law Nov. 23, there have been at least 187 citations issued by law enforcement officers in Albany, the ninth-biggest city in Georgia with a population of 77,000. The citations have raked in about $4,000 and are expected to pull in about $1,500 more before the end of the year, according to the Albany Herald.
And that story gives me a perfect segue into this:

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