HolyCoast: Yep, It's That Gay Old Time of the Year Again

Friday, September 30, 2011

Yep, It's That Gay Old Time of the Year Again

Those of you with families planning to attend Disneyland this weekend should probably take note:
More than 30,000 are expected to attend the Gay Days at Disneyland that runs from Friday to Sunday.

Gay Days Anaheim features event throughout the Disneyland Resort, including a book-signing on Saturday by Emmy Award-winning actress Jane Lynch. Lynch, star of the hit TV show “Glee,” is scheduled to sign copies of her book “Happy Accidents” at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel. Gay Days is not an official Disney event.

Gay Days organizer Eddie Shapiro said Gays Days, in its 14th year, has gained tacit understanding from Disney.

“While this is not a Disneyland Resort-sponsored event, we work with Gay Days organizers to ensure exemplary guest service, as we do with all large groups,” said Disney spokeswoman Betsy Sanchez.

Shapiro said more than 1,000 rooms have been booked in the three Disney-owned hotels; there are discounted tickets to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.

“It’s not dissimilar from any other large group that comes in,” Shapiro said. “Except we hope to be more fabulous.”
Since this event is not marketed by Disney directly, and you won't find it on the Disney website when you order your tickets, a lot of families get a big surprise every year when they show up on Gay Days weekend.  They get to explain a lot of things to their kids they hadn't planned to explain just yet.

Back in the early days of this blog it happened to me and I wrote about it here.

If you find yourself in there and you don't want to throw away your expensive tickets, there are some fun family games you can play like "Guess the Gender" or "Which One is the Guy?".  Those will keep you going all night.

Back when I worked there sights that will be regularly on display this weekend would have gotten people summarily tossed from the park.  Things have changed since 1975, that's for sure.

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