HolyCoast: 1,500 Miles in Four Days

Monday, October 17, 2011

1,500 Miles in Four Days

Been a busy four days.  I drove a total of 1500 miles since Friday morning.  We headed north to Rohnert Park where we picked up our daughter and then headed to Sacramento to meet our son at his school.  Saturday the four of us went up to Lake Tahoe, which happens to be where Mrs. HolyCoast and I had our honeymoon almost 25 years ago, and then Sunday it was back to Rohnert Park and home today.  The trip Saturday took us up Hwy. 50 to South Lake Tahoe, a quick side trip up 89 to Emerald Bay, and then back to 50 across the state line to Nevada.  We drove around the eastern side of the lake and came home Interstate 80 through Donner Pass.  It was a good time with the kids who we haven't seen since we took my son up to school at the end of August.

Some photos:

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