HolyCoast: 6 Reported Dead in Seal Beach Shooting - UPDATE 8 Dead

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

6 Reported Dead in Seal Beach Shooting - UPDATE 8 Dead

Reports from the Orange County Register and the Orange County Fire Authority say 6 have been killed and 3 others wounded in a shooting at a Seal Beach, CA salon. See OCRegister.com for more details.

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A busy afternoon at an upscale salon turned into a bloody massacre Wednesday when a lone gunman opened fire, leaving six people dead and three in critical condition in Orange County's second-worst mass killing.

Sgt. Steve Bowles of the Seal Beach Police Department said every chair at Salon Meritage was full, shortly after 1:30 p.m., when a man started shooting, leaving bodies strewn throughout the shop.

"Officers responded to a call of shots fired at a local business," Bowles said. "We found six confirmed deceased and three injured."

Police responded within minutes and a suspect – a white, middle-aged male -- was taken into custody about a half-mile from the business, at 500 block of Pacific Coast Highway.

"An officer saw a man matching the description of the shooter leaving the parking lot," Bowles said. "He was cooperative and taken into custody without incident."

It is not clear what type of weapons were used in the shooting and Bowles said multiple weapons of unknown caliber and type were found in the suspect's vehicle.

Officers from Los Alamitos, Cypress, Huntington Beach, Long Beach and Orange County sheriff's deputies also responded to the shooting.

Bowles said there were people in the salon who were not injured.

A source says the injured were taken to Long Beach Memorial Hospital.

Bowles said the suspect was taken to the Seal Beach jail for questioning. It is unknown why the man opened fire inside the salon, or if he knew anyone inside.
KNX News Radio has been reporting that the shooter is the ex-husband of one of the victims. He was also reported to be wearing body armor and had quite an arsenal in his car.

Although these types of shootings have become far more common around the country, it's still very rare here in Orange County.

BREAKINGNEWS Seal Beach Massacre: 2 of the three wounded have died. Third still in critical condition
This is now the worst mass killing in Orange County history, surpassing the 1976 shooting in the Cal State Fullerton library that killed 7.

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Tim Reed said...

Horrible story. One more reason why I think this country is getting worse and worse each day