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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gun Control Feel Good Story of the Day

From Say Anything:
In Minnesota, a man carrying a legally-permitted concealed weapon came upon a robbery-in-progress at a grocery store. The robbers had pistol-whipped an elderly woman and were fleeing the scene, and the armed “Good Samaritan” gave chase. When one of the robbers turned his gun on him, the “Good Samaritan” shot him.

But there was some question over whether or not this concealed weapon holder would be charged for a crime in his own right. As it turns out, the local prosecutor not only refused to charge the “Good Samaritan” but he actually commended him for his service to the community, only cautioning that authorities would prefer citizens not pursue criminals themselves.
Read the rest of the piece. It seems the local media has done its best to make the robber into a victim while vilifying the good citizen.  Our values are really screwed up.

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Sam L. said...

Wellllll...the media's "values" are.