HolyCoast: Hard to Believe There's Something in Washington More Stupid Than Senate Democrats

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Hard to Believe There's Something in Washington More Stupid Than Senate Democrats

But there is:
Protesters clashed with security staff when they tried to enter a museum in Washington on Saturday, prompting one guard to use pepper spray and leading to at least one arrest, a spokeswoman said.

The incident occurred at The Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum around 3:15 pm (1915 GMT), after hundreds of activists had marched from Freedom Plaza, near the White House, along the National Mall towards the US Capitol.

Some of those in the demonstration were affiliated with the Occupy DC protest group that sprung up earlier this week as a spin-off of the larger Occupy Wall Street movement in New York, angered at "corporate greed."

Smithsonian spokeswoman Linda St. Thomas said a group of the protesters were confronted when they tried to push through the doors and enter the Air and Space Museum.

"When they were told they couldn't bring the banners they were carrying inside one security officer used pepper spray," she said.

"There were a couple of hundred protesters in the area at the time and Washington police were called. There was one arrest that I know of," she added, noting that the museum closed its doors two hours early because of the clash.

Occupy DC, a young group of several dozen protesters, is camping out at McPherson Square on Washington's K Street, where many political lobbyists have their offices.
This is a picture of McPherson Square that I took in 2005 - the typical Washington D.C. square with a statue of a guy on a horse:
I'd hate to think what it looks like now. We walked through that square every day we were there because the Metro stop nearest our hotel was on the edge of the square. It's also just a couple of blocks down to the White House.

I've been to the Air and Space Museum several times and it's a celebration of American scientific achievement, but these yahoos want to protest the great flying machines that have been build to support our military efforts. Without them we probably wouldn't be speaking English.

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Sam L. said...

You do know they're protesting a display of drones, don't you. Drones used by Obama. (They don't seem to know that.) Oh, the horror!