HolyCoast: Harry Reid's Nuclear Bomb

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Harry Reid's Nuclear Bomb

Read this headline from Say Anything - it's like Bizarro World:
Harry Reid Goes “Nuclear” To Punish Republicans For Trying To Vote On Obama’s Jobs Bill
And yet, that's exactly what happened. Read the whole story at Say Anything.

Harry Reid has just bet the farm that either the Dems are going to hold both the Senate and White House next year, or he knows they're going to lose and he's going to use the new Senate rules to pass a host of things that couldn't otherwise get past a filibuster, such as the Dream Act.

If the former is true and Harry has bet wrong, Obamacare is dead even if it survives the Supreme Court.  If the GOP has 50 Senators and a President, under these new rules there will be nothing to stop the Senate from repealing Obamacare.  Without the ability to filibuster the Dems will be lame ducks under a GOP Senate, and if they think they're getting the old rules back...well, unfortunately some Republicans are just stupid enough to do that and give them back their power.  But if McConnell wants to be Majority Leader, that better not happen.

I'd like to hear the GOP go on record with the Dems and tell them that however long these rules in effect while the Dems are in the majority, they'll be in effect at least that long under a GOP majority

Harry Reid is going to regret this because it will be a factor in every Senate election next year.

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