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Monday, October 31, 2011

Marriage By The Numbers

When I heard the Kim Kardashian was filing for divorce just 72 days after her $10 million dollar wedding, I posted this on Twitter:
Based on many examples I'd say there's an inverse relationship between the cost of a wedding and the chances of marital success.
I did some math. Kim's $10 million 72-day wedding cost her $138,888.89 per day. Our wedding cost $7,000 and so far has lasted 8,976 days at a cost of $.78 per day.

The difference is mine is worth $139K per day. Hers about $.78.

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John said...

My wife and I got married at a profit! Our only cash outlay was the fee for the registrar. Everything else was gifted to us.
That was 22 years ago, and we still couldn't afford to get divorced, even if wanted to!!