HolyCoast: Media Bias Is On Full Display When Comparing Coverage of Tea Parties and #OccupyWallStreet Loons

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Media Bias Is On Full Display When Comparing Coverage of Tea Parties and #OccupyWallStreet Loons

Amazing how activity that would have been lambasted had it occurred during a Tea Party is applauded and welcomed when a bunch of lefty loons do it.  From Daily Caller:
Tea Partiers notice slight double standard in media coverage -- As you watch the Occupy Wall Street jerks pooping on cop cars and literally stinking up Zuccotti Park, you might chuckle ruefully at how much different the news coverage would be if those "tea-rrorist hostage-taking teabaggers" ever pulled anything like this. You're not alone, as TheDC's Alex Pappas reports: "Activists affiliated with the tea party movement say they're witnessing a double standard in the way the media is covering the Occupy Wall Street protests compared to the tea party. 'It's almost laughable,' said Sal Russo, a strategist with the California-based group Tea Party Express, in an interview. While reporters at first didn't always cover tea party rallies, Russo said, a California newspaper has recently been putting stories about the Occupy Wall Street on its front page. 'The Sacramento Bee actually had a front-page story before the rally, telling people where it was and what time it was,' Russo said. An official at FreedomWorks, the Washington, D.C.-based group that has organized tea party rallies since the movement burst onto the scene in 2009, said the media has been ignoring negative features of the Occupy Wall Street protests while it played up dubious charges against conservative activists last year. 'I think it's kind of funny that the media talked about alleged things that the tea party guys did that were never proven,' spokesman Adam Brandon told The Daily Caller. 'Then you have pictures of these guys getting arrested and confronting officers and now they're being celebrated.'" That's the rule of mainstream media coverage: If they agree with a group's politics, any amount of misbehavior can be overlooked; if they disagree with a group's politics, any amount of misbehavior can be concocted. They've given up even trying to pretend otherwise. Which is why they're on the wane. Which is why you're reading this.
I'm kind of surprised the media would want to get behind this movement being that it can't possibly be good for Obama or the Democrats. A happy, well-run country does not act up like this, and this kind of rage against authority can only turn America off to the people protesting and their supporters in media and politics.

The media support for these morons will come back to haunt them next year.

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