HolyCoast: Obama Abandons the Jobs Bill

Monday, October 24, 2011

Obama Abandons the Jobs Bill

Despite the dire warnings from Joe Biden that failure to pass the Jobs Bill will result in more rapes and murders, Obama appears to abandoned all hope at passing the bill and is moving on to the vitally important focus of his life - fundraising.
Last week, it was a bus tour in North Carolina and Virginia specifically pushing the aid-to-states portion of his second stimulus at the same time that Democrats were pushing for a vote in the Senate. That failed. This week, while Senate Dems push the infrastructure portion of his jobs plan, Obama will ignore Congress and launch a “We can’t wait” campaign highlighting executive orders he is making to turn the economy around.

Today, in Las Vegas, Obama will focus on new rules he is initiating, that will make it easier for homeowners with little to negative equity in their homes to refinance through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Then, after fundraisers in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Denver, Obama will make a second speech in Colorado announcing a program that will make it easier for borrowers to pay off their student loans. In the weeks thereafter, the White House plans to announce one new initiative a week. But don’t expect too much, the NYT also reports: “[O]fficials acknowledge that the coming policy changes, executive orders and agency actions are generally less far-reaching than the legislative proposals now before Congress.”

Which makes Obama look less weak? Continually failing to get even a majority of Democrats to vote for his second stimulus, or continually announcing a series of measures that no one believes will help the economy?
Obama has six fundraisers in three days, and of course he'll sprinkle in a policy speech or two so he can charge all the travel as "official business" and keep his campaign from paying for any of it.

He'll be screwing up traffic in L.A. today and tomorrow morning as he parts Hollywood fools from their money and appears on Jay Leno's show, something else that reduces the presidency to the status of common pop star. And we have another year of this to go.

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