HolyCoast: #OccupyOC Draws Crowd of Tens

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

#OccupyOC Draws Crowd of Tens

Our local malcontent collection is not having much success at drawing a crowd:
Occupy OC took its message to the UCI campus, but few students participated in the organized protest.

The group originally planned to start its protest march from the Irvine Civic Center. But few takers on its Facebook page changed the group's plans.

"We feel too much attention has been paid to corporations and banks at the expense of people who are not in corporations or banks," said Charles Carroll, a post-graduate student.

The group of about 40 students and protesters started by gathering in a circle and reading from the Occupy Wall Street's manifesto.

"College is a right, forgive our student loans," was one of the chants.
#OccupyOC is the single A farm club of Occupy Wall Street - young skulls full of mush just beginning their careers as losers.

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Nightingale said...

Loser and ingrates, as education at the UC and CSU is subsidized by the State of California...that would be the taxpayer.