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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Profile of Seal Beach Shooter

The Belmont Shores-Naples Patch has a good profile on the shooter responsible for the worst mass killing in Orange County, CA history, Scott Dekraai.  It's too long to excerpt here, so click on the link to read it.  This sounds like an otherwise ordinary guy who went through a personal tragedy in 2007 and the result has been a spiraling down of his personal life leading to yesterday's carnage.

Last night I noticed an interesting trend in my blog stats as a number of people were searching some variant of this term: "Seal Beach shooter Tea Party".  Apparently some site or perhaps a radio show was alleging that this shooting was somehow related to the Tea Party movement.  I guess with all the mockery going on right now of the Occupy Wall Street movement the left is grasping at anything they can to make the Tea Party look as crazy as the Occupy movement clearly is.  In reading the linked profile there was not mention of the Tea Party or any indication the shooter was somehow connected.  It certainly appears this shooting was the product of a custody dispute and nothing more.


Ken Camp said...

The license plate frame of the shooter's truck clearly reads:
"Save America -- JoinTheTeaParty.us

So why are you saying there are absolutely no links to the Tea Party in this madness?

Ken Camp, Los Angeles

Nightingale said...

That's just dumb Ken, as are the explanations that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is the cause of this man's behavior.

Liberal or conservative, people make choices...good and bad.

You're comment is opportunistic.