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Monday, October 24, 2011

Red States Rising

People are getting tired of the Blue Flu, the fiscal malaise in blue states caused by liberal legislators, governors and other public officials.  If current trends continue, there will be fewer blue states after the next election (from Forbes):
If you do not currently live in a red state, there's a good chance you will be in the near future. Either you will flee to a red state or a red state will come to you -- because voters fed up with blue-state fiscal irresponsibility will elect candidates who promise to pass red-state policies.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), 25 state legislatures are controlled by Republicans and 16 by Democrats, with eight split (i.e., each party controlling one house). There are 29 Republican governors and 20 Democrats, with one independent. And there are 20 states where Republicans control both the legislature and governor's mansion vs. 11 Democratic, with 18 split (one party controls the governor's office and the other the legislature). And though we are a year away from the 2012 election, generic Republican vs. Democratic polls have given Republicans the edge for more than a year. If that pattern holds -- and if blue-state leaders refuse to learn from their policy mistakes, just like their true-blue leader in the White House -- it likely means there will be even more red states in 2013.
Blue states will slowly be drained of their entrepreneurs and go-getters and will be replaced with #Occupy-type losers and illegal aliens, none of whom will be able to pay the bills the blue state legislators have left them.

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